Monday, January 31, 2011

Intoductory Blog Post 2 of Q

I'm already hooked. No, but I ran into classtimes between the past and this current moment. Specifically, the past at which time I was posting a blog post into a blog. Mojo jojo would be proud, proud he would be, his heart would swell with a feeling that some, if given to accuracy in the realm of emotions, descriptions, and emotional descriptions, might label pride.

I was programming. A little kinda. It was a lab. I've become conditioned to not listen to lab TFs due to last semester. He wasn't bad but he spoke in such a monotone voice and the labs were pointless anyway. Now I've actually got to learn dohickies. Eh, I'll just write graphics libraries from scratch instead. But seriously (haha, yeah right, dork) I should have been listening. I don't have ADD or anything, but by bad habits I've given myself a low attention span. I'll work on it.

I'm not being funny am I? :U My bad. Well, whatever. Some of it will be funny, some of it will be me engaging the brain words. I'm writing this still because I want to keep writing and if I make one more spelling arrer then I'm not basckspacing them anymore learn to type for crying out loud yhou've only been at this for years.


No, you.

Shut yup, you're making us look crazy.

No you.

Argh, fine.

Are either of us talking? Oh wait, that's right, it's just me. I can't really shut up on my own blog (yes, yes I can) can I? I also don't want to be purposefully funny. I'm just going to write it alaalalaaaaallalllallllllllllllllll out. I'm listening to some really cool music right now. I should check out this OCRemix place. Plaec. Capel. Llama.

Oooh, fun game, word association. I'll start. Peanuts. Peanut Butter. Sandwich. Lunch. Launch. Space Shuttle. Nasa. Government. The chip implanted in your brain. The secret agency that planted that chip. The puppetmaster in the shadows, kept alive for centuries by black science that sucked the life from babies. Babies. Daycares. Teddy bears. Gives you a warm fuzzy feeling, doesn't it? This is why peanuts are the root of all evil. Also, France.


France knows what it did.

*cough* kneecaps *cough*

Well how about that. My life motto is Crazy Train Toot Toot. I've decided. My spirit animal is a pineapple and my goal in life is to yes. Glad we've cleared that up. Oh ye gods this is therapeutic. Y'all probably think I'm crazy, but really it's like I've got a stockpile of crazy I usually vent in small ways, despite not being crazy in total. So yes, crazy is like gas. This is a giant mental fart. It's good for the digestive system. Inhale deeply kiddies.

I HAD ALL THESE IDEAS for what I wanted to post and then they all see small and or silly. I meant seem there, I'm not backspacing all that. Arrow keys? Back in my day...okay, we had arrow keys but they were blockier and made this noisy noise....tapping? No, I....what? What is this? What on earth? I....I don't.....whaT?

Introductory Blog Hello How Are You?

Christ on a waffle, is this seriously happening? Is this? What am I doing? Oh, right, the blog.

Okay, so this is a bad idea. It's getting my brain droppings out. Getting my random thoughts and my ranting. But I'm aware of this! I can't rant when I'm aware of my ranting because then it is fake and fake and like faeries.

See, that was a homestuck reference. If you don't know what that is, don't worry. Except I'm always making those references. Everything I do is a reference. I am the thirteenth troll. It is me. No, that's stupid. Besides, I'm going to be Kanaya. There's a vacancy, so I've heard.

OKAY. So enough of the in jokes and what and so on. What else do I want to talk about? Random thought: My dryers suck. Lots. Apparently dry means "slightly warmed". I mean come on. Come on. This is the worst thing. Ever. What am I going to pants?

Wow, that is definitely not a verb there. I do that. I think it comes from the "who was phone" meme but I can't tell anymore. Memes have taken my brain. So I'm pushing them out. OUT DERNED SCOTT. I don't even, what this is? See, I can't stop. Can't stop the muuusic.

I like techno right now, mostly. And just like random thingies. I don't know how to describe them. Toot Toot Crazy Train. That's not referencing anything that I can think of. I think it's a song? All the good titles are taken. And all the blogspot urls. Seriously it took me forever. AND BRIAN IS TALKING OVER MY SHOULDER AND I CAN'T FOCUS

I'm tempted to leave in all these spelling errors. All of them. Aaaaaaaah. How the umbrella am I going to get all my thoughts out at this rate. Oh, hey, I'm going to put a running total of words I've used to swear with at the end of this. Hmm. What next? I know. Pong break:
| .                   |
|              .      |
|                    .|
|          .          |
|  .                  |
. |                   |

ASGDSFDDDFDDSFSDFBVCXDSEF. Well. That finishes that one there. Do not mess with the affairs of dragons, for they have excellent lawyers. What? Argh. Now Monica's playing music and I still can't think. I hate you forever Monica. No, I kid. I love you. I love all of you. But maybe that's the drugs (I'm kidding (I don't love any of you)). See, as a computer scientist, nesting those parentheses makes perfect sense. Maybe I should use curly fries ({}) . Oh god that is definitely not syntax. That is the most canadian syntax I've seen so far. Ding.

What else can I say? You all know me, probably, or else why are you reading this. Creeper. Go away. No, leave the computer. Throw it out the window. Aaaaaahhhh I'm falling aaaahhhh why would you, oh goodbye cruel - crash tinkle tinkle. I r ded.

I arise. I cannot be killed. I am a bandicoot. Crash was an awesome series. I only ever played Crash 3. It was so much  fun but I never got that far. It's interesting but for all the gaming I did I never got GEORGE STOP SHOUTING YOU PLATYPUS good at the games I played, by and large. Never got into mastering everything, and we had enough disposable income that I could buy a new one when I got bored. I was such a little twerp. I still kinda them.

They're talking about the internet over there. It's distracting. I like the internet, but my learnings are backwards ways. I didn't know proper security until recently. I trusted websites like my brother. I don't have a brother. But anyway so I've probably leaked all relevant data over the years. I can fix that.

I'm not explaining that though. We're moving on. I like fuzzy things. Like bunnies. Bouncy hoppy hoppy bunnies. I don't even know what I'm doing any more. Wow, these really are brain droppings. Any more want to get out?

Wyoming is not a state.

I think I may be done from now. For new. SCREW IT.

Words I've sworn with: umbrella, canadian, platypus, hoppy (changes the context, doesn't it?),