Monday, February 14, 2011

Missed Opportunity

I slept so little recently how have I not posted. I can't believe it. Partially it was that I was busy and partially I somehow didn't get crazy. I guess my mind was focused or I was too buzzed or something? I like coding :| . I'm such a nerd. It's all just puzzles. It isn't work. And if I'm at it long enough then I can always beat it. Always. Bwahahagagaoolalawantyourbadromance

Rah rah. Tentacles. They're disgusting. But octopi are so swwwweeeet. And deadly. They're too smart. They will take over everything. But it'll be okay because they'll be benevolent and let us ride around on their backs. Just remember the future, when we'll be riding around on giant octopussies, spears in hand, hunting tortoisous.

I want magic to be real, consequences be darned. It'd really hurt my major since technology would be all haywire and maybe not even necessary, not as much. Oh, and sciences would have a really hard time with that whole "rational world" thing. But still MAGIC. I could fly. Sure, so could other people, but I'd Wheeeeeeeeee. I suppose large anarchy would happen. But we could use a restructuring of everything anyway. Like a rubix cube. Only with MAJICK . MAHJICKS are more MWAHJICKALL the more letters you put in it.

I really shouldn't be posting. I'm doing a lot of coding, but at the expense of keeping up in other work. I need to stop that. I'll get back on top of it....somehow. Maybe with MAJYCKS . OH GOD THE LIGHTS ARE FLICKERING I'VE SUMMONED THE MAJYCKS.

I'll get back to you guys. Sometimes these posts will be Vriska. I mean short.

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