Thursday, February 3, 2011

That last post lied in the title

I don't really feel like adding but I'm going to anyway in order to keep this going. Got to get momentum. It is mass times velocity. And velocity is the exactly same thing as speed. Don't let physicists tell you otherwise. Also, unicorns are real and Jupiter isn't a planet. JuPiTeR. Wheeee. I like Jupiter because it's wicked awesome. Such extreme conditions, and it's basically as close a planet can get to a star (okay not really, but practically).

Wow, an entire paragraph with nothing zany. Let's see if we can keep it up. So, in other news, Liam didn't like me calling him Jellybeans. Well, so far, I have a list. George = Platypus, Liam = Jellybeans. Me = Awesome = Batman. I'm not really Batman. I don't know why I like him either. Actually, that's a lie. It's because he's got tons of gadgets and gets to run around using them. I'd be an engineer, except they don't offer classes in "Batman gadgets". Really, what are they thinking? Why would anyone become an engineer?

Hmm, what crazy things should I put in here. I love saying now "This is so going in my blog" when something crazy slash irritating happens. I said slash there because an actual slash is not a valid character. I am a machine, and my string parsing sucks. See, non nerds have no idea. They? a?re ?dro?wn?i?ng? in?? q?uest?i?on no??od?le?s. I like string. I don't like playing it. I just like having it. You never know when you're going to need string. Even more, you never know when you could use it. Tying things together, a tiny little lasso (boy that word makes no sense where does lasso come from I pronounce it lassoooooo) for small critters or to fight whales. The string is the natural predator of whales. Also; japanese. The string eats them whole.

Superstrings were a really cool idea, I liked them when I was like 14, but cool ideas are not always real or practical. Like Wyoming or Shark riding.

Cousin Uncle's advice column: Don't punch a shark. Once. Once you've gotten a hit in, lay on that sucker. Just keep going after it. Got a broken beer bottle? Upside it's head. Don't stop. If you stop, the crying will start all the sooner. It took your could it? Despite the yelling, you loved her....why did that horrible shark take her? Does he treat her right? Just because he buys her things and drives that fancy car, works nine to five, does that make him better than you? Doesn't make him better now, does it punk, with him broken on the floor.

So yeah, lay into that....oh wait, a shark as in a fish? Ohhhhhh.

Boy, Cousin Uncle sure is zany. The joke comes from the fact that 'shark' is clearly a replacement word and does not fit into the context. When I explain the joke, it loses its funniness because we are unable to figure out why jokes are funny, so once we engage our rationality it is no longer funny. This proves that irrationality exists. Therefore, magic is real, P=NP, your mother loves you, and when you die you rot in the ground. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Sweet, high scrohe. Yep, I forgot spell.

I'm not addicted to D&D but I like it a lot. I love storytelling, I like imagination - I'm not much of a writer but creativity I have in pasta. I mean excess. Excess pasta can always be stored in the freezer, reheat it in the microwave with a little water. That's why I like D&D.

      / \
     |   |

My manny is evolving. Soon he'll become Manidash. Or Manchu. Haha, Manchu is actually a word! I shall call him Manchu and he shall be my Manchu. Beep peep Manchu.

I should make up more words. But all made up words sound silly, unless they don't. And those words that don't have a basis in real words, and that's not making up words. Q>E>D> Those look like hats. Or beards. :)> . No wait, ice cream cone. O)> . Two scoops~! OO)> . Oh I dropped my icecream :(   )> O . Wat, WAHT | THAW.

Heat, Head, Held, Hold, Cold.

White, While, Whale, Shale, Shake, Slake, Slate, Slats, Slits, Slims, Slime, Slide, Slice, Slick, Slack, Black

Okay, I can't think of any more. That was fun. I enjoy manipulating things like that. Toot Toot.

This was excessively normal. Sorry kiddos :P but this is what you get.

Liam you're still jellybeans.

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