Monday, February 28, 2011

What makes me tick tick boom

It turns out you can't duct tape back together everything. Science doesn't work that way :( . So I duct taped science. Allllllll better now. I'm going to tape electromagnetism to thermodynamics and just watch the fireworks. Someone should fill a volcano with fireworks. It'd be awesome. Possibly deadly, but so is everything else. Like microchips or the state of Wyoming.

I'm on to you.

Am I crazy? If I went crazy, how could you tell? If sanity is Self Control then I suppose I'm sane. But self-control is a choice. So is sanity? What other Measure do we have, really? Perhaps sanity is rational. But we're irrational creatures. We love, we cry, we fart. You could say that it's the ability to apply rationality in our decision making processes. Then again you could also say Whoop Whoop Rocky Bum Gargle-Gargle. So really, perhaps sanity is just sticking to certain norms. We're all as sane as we choose to be, really. Except for crazy people.

The morality of Dungeons & Dragons (tm) is actually making me think. What does it really mean to be neutral, from a moral perspective? Dungeons && Dragons (==true) just says that it's between good and evil. Well, so's peanut butter, what's your pencil? Perhaps neutral is moral impartiality, but is this not just amorality? What differentiates amorality from immorality? The immoral do not follow moral codes - so do the amoral. The immoral also do not always deviate from moral standards, that is they do not childishly do the opposite for the sake of it. A bank robber tends to drive on the right side of the road, after all. Moral Black & White (Creature Isle) doesn't make sense either, of course. I don't know.

It's not a hard concept. It's in fact a very soft concept, it really needs to go on a Diet. Get off the couch and Do something, Did it earn that degree for nothing? Look at it, its....oh wait I had a point. Anymore, anyway, It's just no adherence to absolutes. But good & evil can be without absolutes as well. Siths cannot, however. So what I'm getting at is whether the first three Star Wars movies were a greater crime than ever?

I can't be serious because then you'll yell at me :( . I Know it. I am your jester. At least, that's what you think. Slowly I'll convert you to My way of thinking. You'll find yourself throwing Ducks without knowing why, Or wondering if you could catch Fire if you were just a bit quicker. Wait I don't do either of Those. But it'll scare you all the same :oD . You'll become more and More Like me....did you just get the shivers? Funny, I do all the time! All the time, all of it.

If I was A Wizard, and I mean like actual master of Arcane arts and not some dorky British kid........wait, frick, I am a dorky British (kinda) kid................I wouldn't screw around. I'd be like "Hey guys, magic!" *fwoosh* and turn a bicycle into the 1960s or something. This is why magic hasn't been discovered yet :( . There'd be no super-secret society guarding its use and regulating it perfectly. There can't be such perfection. That'd be....magic! Wait frick. Still. There'd be some duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude somewhere who'd screw up or just not care. So I think I need to go out and discover magic. Oh it's out there. Maybe if I was to compress some children's laughter or just dig around in a mayan pyramid or maybe do a lot of drugs or something. What if magic were real but only really, really high people could access it? Wouldn't that be hilarious? No? Oh...


No, we're still not talking.


Stop scrolling.



Okay I'm better. What I really just want is the power to create invisible bicycles. Just think about this. I'd just be Talking to someone, want to go, and go "Huh that's really interesting, but..." and Swing My leg up and suddenly fly off like I was riding a bike........only there wouldn't be one visible :O :O :O . It's hilarious. Okay, I lied, I also want guinea pig vision. *Beowm* guinea pig appears. Also, that is the Best sound Effect. I win.

Ever look at a word so long that it suddenly seems nonsensical? That means you have cancer.

GUYS I'M WORKING ON A VIDEO GAME NO SPOILERS NO SPOILERS NO SPOILERS *SPOILERS* IT'S A HENTAI GAME */SPOILERS* . Naaaaaaaah. Though I should talk to Jellybeans about that......wait I mean Liam. Oh heck, I meant Jellybeans. I wonder if our tastes intersect at all////////hmm.

Candy is Dandy but Jefferson was a racist. A handy little mnemonic. Holy grilled cheese that's a weird word. Enough on Etymology (no I don't know what bugs have to do with any of this D: ) I've decided That one of my past lives was a cloud. I've decided all our past Lives were Clouds. That's why we Like watching them So Much. Also because We're all Tripping Balls. You're not Tripping Balls? Sounds like the Kind of Claim Someone who was Tripping Balls would Make^? (Logical not)

The second stage is bargaining....or the third stage? Either way those people on the antique Roadshow Need counselling. Also the people Who watch That Show. Or the Price Is right. That's right. I'm handing out Judgement like the Catholic Church at Rapture. Next on my list are Palaeontologists. YOUR FIELD IS THE STUDY OF DEAD THINGS, YOU'RE LIKE BIOLOGISTS WHO COULDN'T KEEP UP WITH IT. What, sloths move too fast for you? Sloths. You're all next. You and Tapirs.

Hey, Remember that Thing Where I'm slowly Driving you all Insane? That's definitely Still a Thing. Embrace it. Also, Embrace me. I like hugs :3 . Coooooooome together, right now (over me). Ew.

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