Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Please hold this to your ear

Dafunk back to the punk come on. Words to live by. If you don't know them, then I guess your taste in music just sucks. Kidding :D (You have no taste at All). I'm not just going to ramble about my favourite oh hey wait spellcheck wants me to spell favourite with a 'u' finally sanity things because that'd be boring. Have fun parsing that sentence. Or for you none-geeks...."reading" . Yea, sure, whatever. Crazy dudes & chicks & chickdudes. Rock on with your bad selves. Or FUNK on. Boosh waka bwoo wika wika boosh. I am giving you a thumbs up right now. ^3 maybe? There's nothing close. ^3 .

My true alignment is Chaotic Hedgehog. Hedgehog is a moral stance. I wish it was/were/./ my spirit animal as well, but That was taken by the Crazy train. Or was it the colour woah hey colour has a 'u' too but I keep forgetting them because it was beaten Out of me by my Elementary school Teachers blue. I like blue. A lot. I've heard it can prevent suicides. So if I wear Blue, does that Make me a Super Hero? Yyyyyyyyeeeeeeeessssssss. There you go Colin, that one Was For You.

Nevermind The Slacks And Bashers. I Too love mashed Potatoes. It's been Far too long since I've Had any. :( . Did you know That instant Mashed potatoes Exist? It's a Bag Of powder, and You stir In water And Milk.....And Then you Potatoes! It's Freaky. You have A Freaking bag of Powder....and It Turns Into Potatoes. What. The. Heckballstoaster. I mean Really. What next, Powdered Toddlers? It's the Only logical Footstool.


I Have a New Life motto! So Long As you always Have Duct Tape, A cutting Edge, and Your (oh my God I Spelt That As you're The First Time What Is wrong with Me) wits About You you Can't Go Wrong. I carry a Thing of Duct Tape Around with me Now. It's really Useful. I can Tape Down Things like Pens, Tools, the Tape Itself, Small animals, and George. I only have A Couple Of Those things Left On My checklist. I just Need to Find a George.

Bwahahahahahahahah heee hheeeeee hhohooo hooooo haha$#$%^%$#

That popped Out As A nearly Syymettricall Pattern! I must Be A Genius. Well, I already Knew That. The Aliens told Me. I signal them By Eating Strange Mushrooms I find In The Forest. Ingenious Mechanism. I just Wish They'd Stop bringing Colors that Don't Exist With them. Or Bears.

Oh My God I just remembered Sloths. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

So How Are all of You? What? Whaaaat? Yell into The Keyboard, I Can't Hear You. No, Ye- Yell into It! Yeeeeeeeell Into it! What? What I can't Hear You?

This Is me Yelling into The(y) Keyboard by the Way. Don't ask How It Works. They Keyboard Just Knows Better. We've Been Together For a While. I rub Off on Things I'm Around. Not Like That You Pervert. Well okay Sometimes.

If I had More Music, Or Even More Musice, Would I still Listen To Daft Punk all The Time? It Is The Eternal Question. Yep. Eternal. Archimedes put It Best; "<Greek junk> <More greek junk> <Greeeeeeeek>" It wasn't a perfect Translation o_() .

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I Think I'm going to Go Give My Dinosaur A walk. No, That's not A Euphemism. It Isn't a Eunuch either. I Think....who'd Check?


  1. are you having a love affair with the shift key? why the spontaneous capitalization?

  2. Yay My First Comment! Huzzah! Thank You :D