Wednesday, February 2, 2011

This post is exactly 1000 words long.

My socks match my scarf. Just let that sink in for a moment. Yeah. Woah. You okay? Have a moment, it's okay.

Okay? Okay, we're good. Gawd. I had all these random thoughts saved up and yet here we are, screwing around. So the blog's helping because I saved these random thoughts instead of blurting them out, but now I'm not going to get them out. They're just vanishing. Like Amelia Earhart. OH GUYS SHE VANISHED SOMEWHERE IN CONTINENTAL ASIA AND WE COULDN'T FIND HER IT MUST BE A MYSTERY christ on a popsicle really? I mean, it's only the largest landmass we've got (besides your mother) but nooooooo . Also it's Asia. Nope.

Now I'm thinking about the bermuda triangle. Here's the thing. Amelia flew into the center of the triangle and was eaten by the shark from jaws (who is a ghost -_. ) who is also from outer space. Like Amelia. She is superman.

Amelia Earhart can be rearranged into Liam Ae Earhart . Mysterious isn't it. Don't worry, Liam, that doesn't count as your "shout-out" . Also; Liam | maiL . What does it mean? It means double rainbows. Except that's not even a thing. I mean cripes. Everyone knows that was faked. Like the moon landing, or president's day.

ehT noitseuq sah neeb desiar fi I nac nur tuo fo yzarc . The answer is, what do you think? That's right, the question is a question and the answer is an interrogative statement designed to collect information. I've patented the question mark. I know, you just went "What????" and you now owe me $3649 . Yep, perfect squares. Only not. Imagine if that number was a perfect square. You're then living in a world with very strange mathematics, so good luck figuring out your taxes.

  / \

I made a manny. Isn't he adorabibibibibibibibibibibibiibble? Wheeeeeeeeeeeee that's fun. I sure hope that this post preserves spacing. Some sites/sights/cuttlefish don't, like fafacefacebofacebookokbookcebook. There's a pattern to that. It's this: (((()))) . Haha, that looks weird. And it reminds me. Kit! I'm so sorry for calling you lady bits. I didn't mean it like that! I also explained it really bad. I just have random words to mix and match. Ask my sister - "Oh pantsless one" and "mini-yoshi" among other things.

Monica I've learned I can command you now. You will follow the glory of the ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNO blog. Bwahahahaha. I shall not use shall be my sleeper agent. Be warned.

I'm not a creeper, I swear. Really. Of course now I sound like one. I wanted to backspace there so I didn't. I want to ac| . I made it look like I was halfway through backspacing there. Hah! Fooled you.

George just asked aloud that someone "f*** me" . No George. No. Just....gog you platypus. Yep, that's sticking now. But it's cool, because platypodes are awesome. They are the only mammal with venom. Also the only mammal born in the heart of jupiter. I kinda want to go to Jupiter. I know it'd kill me, but it'd be so awesome. I read about JUpiter in "The Cosmos" by Carl Sagan - I never got more than a few dozen pages in, I was 10 (i.e. easily distracted and owner of a PS2) . But JUPiter is awesome. All storms and junk. Lightning storms 24/7 . Only it's jupiter so it's probably more like 41/11 . That's right. It's lightning 168% of the time. Because it's freaking JUPIter.


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